We’re into the fourth and final week of the photo course “Creative Seeing” where we are introduced to concept shooting. The assignment to the lesson is to upload two images which represent an idea, a word, a mood.

The hard part is that no people or people parts are to be used, nor are we to use gorillas or monkeys or any animals that look like people. We got a list of words to choose from: security, access, connections, risk, safety, despair, noise … and many more.

The idea is to choose a word and to prepare yourself mentally before you go out with your camera. I sort of have the idea that we are often guided in our choice of subjects by unconscious ideas and attitudes which are in some way apparent in our work. So wouldn’t it be better (easier) to go out and see what turns up? If you are feeling sensitive you will more readily see images  for noise and if you have just been fired from your job you might see images for despair all over the place.

Security was at the top of the list and I chose it. But did I just choose it because it was at the top of the list? Security means no risk, cautious, conservative, careful, tried and true … Which got me to thinking. For all of the lessons I have more or less been trying to turn in images for the assignment that I thought were what the teacher wanted. Safe bets. They weren’t always my favorites.

On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to please the teacher and get some praise. Maybe the crux of the matter is this – I don’t really know what the teacher would like best. I respect his judgment as an experienced and professional photographer and believe he invariably will recognize which photo is better. Maybe this discernment is just part of the learning process.

Here’s a shot that might do for security.

Click image for enlarged photo in higher resolution.

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5 Responses to Security?

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  2. I think what you wrote about choosing a picture is true for a lot of things… I’ve been thinking that the biggest difference between Harvard and the University of Munich is not that the PhD students here are much cleverer on average, but that they are pushed to go for the big, risky idea. My experience in Munich has been that most do smaller projects (just some additions to known results), which you almost always get when you work diligently. With the big ideas, often nothing comes out of it, but if it does, it’s something greater.

  3. Laura Roberts says:

    Great shot! I just noticed you will have had your camera one year in April. What growth you’ve shown over the year. Congrats on (almost) completing another class.

    • Gee, I didn’t realize myself that it’s been a year. So nice to hear that you see progress. I’ve been trying but not always sure of my success. As they say, the more you know, the more you know you don’t know.

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