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To the South the Easy Way

We managed to get to Aurangabad, and we manaaged to get away. We were determined not to repeat the bus-ride experience and opted for the train back to Mumbai. We noticed the logistics of traveling in India were more than … Continue reading

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A Rough Road to Aurangabad

I see I won’t be posting anything near to a day-to-day blog of our trip but I have posted more pictures from our six days in Mumbai. Getting train tickets for the date you want to travel can be a … Continue reading

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Mumbai’s Marathon

Mumbai — that’s Bombay of course. In the past few decades everything as been renamed. Not that the new,¬† politically correct names are used or even known by the majority of the population. Not to mention the cab drivers. We … Continue reading

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Munich to Mumbai

That was quite¬† a leap. We left the grey and chill air behind us and woke up in another world. It’s warm, not too warm, colorful goes without saying and we have just enough energy left after the long trip … Continue reading

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A Lemon?

I decided to try some more indoor photography yesterday. The idea came from a short video by Bryan Peterson (author of “Understanding Exposure” and “Learning to See Creatively”). He demonstrated how to make a creative shot of a lemon slice … Continue reading

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