Flying with Raggedy Ann

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured Raggedy Ann on a post. The first time was in my daily picture gallery, where I wrote a little about her biography.

This time she is going to figure in my photography course. Part of our assignment for the last lesson was to upload a jumping shot. As it says in the lesson, “It is indeed a challenge to get the perfect jumping shot. Not only do you have to get the subject in focus but you must also get the subject to jump in the right place and at the right moment.” This is where Raggedy Ann comes in. Janos said he wasn’t going to jump for me. This I could understand. For me to get the perfect jumping shot, he would have to do a lot of jumping. So I decided to practice with a doll, my Raggedy Ann — who by the way isn’t used to jumping much any more these days either. So with the camera in one hand and the other free to throw her up in the air, I made several shots of my never tiring model. They didn’t all come out in focus, actually none of them did, and sometimes she wasn’t within the frame at all, but here’s what I salvaged.

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2 Responses to Flying with Raggedy Ann

  1. Laura Roberts says:

    I can’t stop laughing. You are a creative genius! I love the idea of using Raggedy Ann and the multiple shots really make this post.

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