Pears Sequel

Yesterday I wrote about what I did with my unripe pears. In case you were curious if my hard-as-rocks green pears poached in red wine (with sugar added) were edible, I’m posting the sequel here.

Today I sliced one in half to have a look. Just beautiful. Of course, they are meant to be eaten, not just looked at. According to some recipes, the red wine should be boiled down to a syrup and poured over the pears, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I also read that the pears are best served with vanille ice cream.

Yes, and how did the pear taste without the trimmings? Nice, but not exciting.

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3 Responses to Pears Sequel

  1. I love the PEAR series!!! Soo beautiful

  2. park1place says:

    Glad you saw my blog. I LOVE yours as I’m into biking and pears:) I’ve bought a large number of pears, put them in the ‘frig—they store that way for weeks—then I take out 1-2 at a time to ripen! With the photography you’ve got me outdone for sure—it’s beautiful!

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