Milano Centrale

We and our bikes arrived from Munich by train at Milano Centrale. It was an uneventful ride, even changing trains in Verona’s station Porta Nuova – which is in upheaval due to construction – went smoothly.  Once in Milan, we were anxious to get to our hotel and didn’t take much notice of the station. But the next morning we were there with our cameras and had a great time capturing Mussolini’s monument to the glory of the fascist regime.

The station was designed by architect Ulisse Stacchini and modeled after Union Station in Washington, DC. Its cornerstone was laid by King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy  in 1906, but due to the Italian economic crisis during World War I, construction proceeded very slowly. In the course of its construction, the project kept changing and became more and more bombastic, particularly when Benito Mussolini became Prime Minister. He wanted the station to represent the power of the fascist regime. The station is a blend of many different styles, especially Liberty and Art Deco.

Have a look at more of my pictures of the station here.

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2 Responses to Milano Centrale

  1. Joe Trudo says:

    You are not going to believe this! Back in 1969 or ’70 I stayed in a hotel across the Piazza from Milano Central. My room window looked out on the piazza and I went over and wandered the station a bit. I was working and how we ended up staying there I can not remember but it was impressive! Also changed trains there in 2005 and I agree it is an impressive building.

  2. Ellen Bandsma says:

    Suzanne, we too entered Milan by train a few years back but also had too much on our minds to notice our surroundings. We were shepherding a group of 8 friends who had never been on a European train, and our responsibilities were weighing heavy on our shoulders! We assured them we could easily walk to our nearby hotel dragging our luggage because that’s just what Joe and I do when in Europe. Needless to say, we were traveling a lot lighter than they. Anyway, we exited the station by the wrong door, so none of our written directions were working out. We ended up circling around in the area for ages before finally getting on the right track. Our uninitiated American companions did a lot of grumbling about “taking a taxi” while Joe and I tried to remain cool and collected. It’s a funny memory now.

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