Summer Cycle Tour: Days 2 – 10, Schrobenhausen to Kassel

Over Hill and Dale

Before I had a chance to update my blog, we were already in Kassel, the first large stepping stone of our bicycle tour. In the evenings after a day in the saddle, I wrote a few notes in my hand-written journal but had little patience for posting blog entries on the little laptop we carry in our bicycle panniers. And quite often we had no internet access in the small towns where we stopped.

The Danube, the Almühl, the Main, the Sinn and the Fulda: Those are the rivers we either crossed or followed, or both, on the 580 kilometers that took us to North Hessen. From river valley to river valley was like crossing a giant washboard until we reached the Sinn and the Fulda which flowed in our directon. The popular bike paths in the river valleys were well marked and guided us through amazing countryside and pictoresque towns full of half-timbered houses.  If you are lucky with the weather – and we were – this is certainly one of the most beautiful times of year with its verdant countryside and abundance of wildflowers.

After five days in Kassel visiting friends, we will continue north heading for Bremen. We’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow, but who knows when the next blog will appear.

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p.s. A day to day journal of the tour is here.

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3 Responses to Summer Cycle Tour: Days 2 – 10, Schrobenhausen to Kassel

  1. Kayleen says:


  2. David Alston says:

    Suzanne and Janos,

    Just wanted to let you know we will follow your blog. Today is the first day we have had internet for a while. We will rest a day in Chartres and then be in our apartment in Paris on 1 June. We will be glad to get rid of the car, you can understand that. And Maun thinks she is ready to get on her bike. Great!

    David and Maun

  3. gwen gibson says:

    Good job. I can imagine how sweet the air must have smelled as you pedaled through that lovely landscape. I think that I live through my senses much more when I’m in France. Have a good trip on to Bremen. Happy trails.

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