Summer Cycle Tour: Days 11 – 16, Kassel to Bremen

Where the hills disappear

After four days of resting up and visiting with friends, we were back on our bikes. We followed the Fulda a short distance and then changed our allegiance to the Weser which guided us north to Bremen. The bicycle path was a dream as was the weather. We passed through towns with fascinating, traditional architecture that was completely new to me although I’ve lived in Germany for almost fifty years.

When we reached Porta Westfalica the hills melted and the land became flat as a pancake – for my taste not as attractive as the previous hilly terrain but the abundance of wild flowers and dramatic cloud formations made up for the monotony of the horizon.

The distance from Munich to Bremen on the round about ways of bike paths was 1,000 km, the shortest distance by car would be several hundred kilometers shorter. But the whole way we never once had to contend with unpleasant traffic. In Bremen we are now taking a break, catching up on laundry and internet stuff and relaxing. We have a room with balcony and kitchenette in an interesting neighborhood and are enjoying the homey feeling. In a few days we’ll be heading for Lübeck and then the Baltic.

Now for some pictures – impressions from the road.

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p.s. A day to day journal of the tour is here.

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3 Responses to Summer Cycle Tour: Days 11 – 16, Kassel to Bremen

  1. Kayleen says:

    Hi Suzanne and Janos,
    as always your words and your photos have me yearning for another bike tour of Germany. France has won the battle for next year, but if we can off load a bit of real estate we can go for 8 weeks and then Germany is back on the list.

    Hanging out for your next uodate, as always

    Kayleen and Rob

  2. C2Cin2006 says:

    Suzanne & Janos, Bremen, second city of my first trip to Germany in 1970. Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. gwen gibson says:

    What incredible architecture, I would never have believed such buildings existed in my wildest dreams. I hope your weather continues be good. Here it continues to be foul.
    Happy trails,

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