Summer Cycle Tour: Day 1, Munich to Schrobenhausen

Famous last words

I think I wrote in my previous blog: as soon as we get on the road I stop worrying immediately.

This time, as soon as we got on the road I realized something was seriously wrong. My bicycle started shimmying, I could hardly steer and we hadn’t even crossed the first intersection yet. The weight of the bags and camping gear wasn’t properly distributed and there was nothing much I could do about it. The battery for the e-bike is integrated in the rear luggage rack, my panniers are on the rack and the bag containing cooking equipment, sleeping bag and other camping acoutrements is on top of that. That’s too much weight in the back and the weight is too high off the ground. Janos was having problems with his load, too.

We turned around and pedalled the few meters back to our front door. There was only one solution. We had to dump the camping and kitchen gear. That didn’t take long and we soon set off again, much relieved. You might ask why we hadn’t done a shake down ride with the bikes fully loaded. Now that’s a good question.

That was an unsettling beginning for our big tour, but we were on our way. The day was hilly, cool and windy.  We only got rained on once and that was in the beginning, leaving Munich. Even with electric support, we were tired by the time we reached our destination 66 km later, Schrobenhausen.


p.s. A day to day journal of the tour is here.

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2 Responses to Summer Cycle Tour: Day 1, Munich to Schrobenhausen

  1. Kayleen says:

    Hi Suzanne and Janos….looking forward to following along again as you traispe through Europe!

    We’re in the planning stages of a ride in Australia later this year along the Murray River and have decided that 2012 will be France starting off at Semaine Federale.

    Bonn Route

    kayleen and Rob

  2. gwen gibson says:

    I feel I’m on the road again with you. What a dramatic photo! I wish you a tres bon voyage and now that your shake-down is shaken up, may it go well.

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