Ammersee – He or She?

See is German for sea or lake, depending on the gender. Die See is the feminine form and it denotes the sea or ocean. Der See is masculine and refers to the more limited body of water, a lake. Interesting.

We spent two days at Ammersee, a lovely lake located southwest of Munich. The weather wasn’t cooperating so we couldn’t ride our bikes there and only with some effort could I get a few pictures without getting my camera wet.

Here is a shot from Ammersee on a chilly and wet spring day.

And here are a few more pictures.

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1 Response to Ammersee – He or She?

  1. David Alston says:

    Reminds me of our visit to the Altmühlsee. (der) I had made lug sailing gear in our panniers just in case we could rent a boat. Yes, we could but it was cold and rainy and I was sick. Ended up spending three days in the best featherbed ever encountered in our travels in the little town of Mühl am See.

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