Uptown Munich

Here are different views of Munich’s O2 Building, in the close-up shots you can see the O2 bubbles on the facade. This is the highest corporate building in Munich and was designed by Ingenhoven Architects.

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5 Responses to Uptown Munich

  1. Jade Gardiner says:

    I really love the image with the reflection of the yellow DHL truck. I am interested in using it in a website I am currently building. Is this ok? I am happy to credit the image in your name on the website.

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad you like the image. Please feel free to use it. I would appreciate it if you do credit the image in my name, and also if you could send me a link to your website so that I can see how you are using the image.
      Would a credit with my website link be possible? suzannegibsonphotography.com (I haven’t posted on my wordpress website for years.) If not, no problem.

      • Jade Gardiner says:

        Sure. It will be a while before it’s ready but I will be sure to send a link once it’s done. Thank-you so much for the permission. It’s a lovely image! 🙂

  2. Which of the images on this page are you interested in, since they are all of the O2 building? The files are quite small so I am not sure you could enlarge it to poster size. In any case you are welcome to use it … and thanks for asking. Btw, what college?

  3. Curtis Thomas says:

    Is the picture of Munich O2 building a royalty free image? Can we use it on a poster that will be use for the college campus only.

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