The Challenge

My photo course “The Art of Seeing” continues. This week’s assignment is going to keep me more than busy – it’s a real challenge. To sum it up in a few words we are “to come away with three compelling shots at three different focal lengths from the same location.”

First of all, I will have to scout around to decide on what location. The first series of shots which I will try at different locations should be shot at the widest focal length my lens allows, which will be 10 mm. That is a very wide angle and requires a lot of attention to composition.

The object of all this is to see things in new ways, to use our equipment for different points of view and perspectives and break limiting habits of seeing.

This shot isn’t radically different, but I’m sure I would have normally zoomed in on this goose instead of shooting at 10 mm. The goose was almost on top of me, or me on it, depending on your point of view.

Geese in the English Garden, Munich (Click the picture to see it in higher resolution.)

Here are some more pictures rom today’s outing shooting at 10 mm only.

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