Buscando la Luz

In Search of Light – as I translate buscando la luz – sounds a bit pretentious, as if I were about to write a post on the search for truth. In this case, it is the title of a sculpture in Munich, Buscando la Luz (1997) by the Basque sculptor, Eduardo Chillida.

Looking towards the sculpture Buscando la Luz (1997, by the Basque sculptor, Eduardo Chillida)

Saturday afternoon I was out with my camera looking for pictures for my class assignment. I’ve just started a new online photo course at the Perfect Picture School of Photography. The first lesson deals with the use of elements of design – line, color, texture and pattern – to create compelling images. We are to shoot and upload three images filled from left to right and top to bottom with either line, color, texure or pattern.

In search of light, yes. Light is the key to photography and I think I might just adopt buscando la luz as my motto.

Here’s a detail from the sculpture in the above picture, Buscando la Luz, where I discovered line, color and texture. Of course, I took many many more pictures and have some of them in the gallery I’ll be keeping for my work for the class.

Line, color and texture - all produced by light.

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