Overwhelmed by India

India is overwhelming. I’m having a hard time thinking how to make a cheery little blog about our experiences. That just won’t work. There are so many facets to everything I see, I would hate to reduce it all with uninspired words. So I will just trace our steps so far.

From Kochin we traveled a bit further south to Alappuzha, jumping off point for boat trips on Kerals’s backwaters. I have posted some pictures with captions to give an impression of this unique place.

From Kerala we flew to Goa where we are now. Here I am often confused as to where I am. It feels like another country, very reminiscent of Portugal but definitely not Portugal, but not  quite the India we were in before.

I am sure I wouldn’t do well traveling by bike in India, but I do find myself longing for that feeling of independance and freedom that we have on bicycle tours when we can stop when and where we want and observe the life on the roadside. For the time being, I’ll enjoy taking pictures of bikes.

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2 Responses to Overwhelmed by India

  1. gwen gibson says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences once you get back.
    Take good care of yourselves,

  2. David Alston says:

    Dear Suzanne and Janos,

    We are glad you are in Goa, it should make a nice rest for you, a little Indian luxury. I told you we had a set of friends in India at the same time as you and now I have learned that we have acquaintances who are biking there. Pretty brave. The only thing they are doing different for India is that they took two bikes instead of their tandem and they gave up their clipless pedals. We’ll be anxious to hear of their adventures and we will pass it on. Stay safe.

    David and Maun

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