To the South the Easy Way

We managed to get to Aurangabad, and we manaaged to get away. We were determined not to repeat the bus-ride experience and opted for the train back to Mumbai. We noticed the logistics of traveling in India were more than we had bargained for. But before we leave Aurangabad, here are some more pictures I took while we were there.

Getting to the Taj - the mini Taj - proved to be very simple, just ten minutes by rickshaw.

We returned to Bombay by train. Even though everything ran on schedule, it was still tiring. This induced us to try the next leg of our trip by air.

We spent one night in Bombay and by noon the next day we were in Kochi, Kerala. I don’t know if train tickets were even available, but the train would have taken 27 hours. Kerala has been a nice contrast to Maharashtra and here are my pictures.

Ginger warehouse - the whole neighborhood smelled like ginger.

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2 Responses to To the South the Easy Way

  1. Dear Suzanne and Janos, Am following your trip- you tow are an inspiration. Saw Gwen and Jerry last week and LOVED your book of doors. Sure hope to see you in 2012- xo Dayle and Dan

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