A Rough Road to Aurangabad

I see I won’t be posting anything near to a day-to-day blog of our trip but I have posted more pictures from our six days in Mumbai.

Getting train tickets for the date you want to travel can be a problem in India. But we were successful and showed up at the train station almost an hour too early, proudly clutching our ridiculously cheap tickets, something like two euros for a seven hour ride. Unfortunately, our train was cancelled. After much confusion and running around in the train station, we found a bus to take us to Aurangabad.

Let it suffice to say it was a very long, bumpy and uncomfortable ride. We arrived at 4:00 a.m. and were greeted at our hotel with a cheery good morning. We spent a few days in Aurangabad recovering and visiting the amazing caves of Ellora and Ajanta.

I haven’t been able to upload any pictures from our days there yet but hope to soon. So far our trip hasn’t always been easy (understatement), but I’m loving all the picture taking opportunities. Also loving the people and the food.

At first I thought this looked like a comfy way to ride, but then I saw one berth was meant for the two of us.

p.s. The pictures from our days in Aurangabad are now up.

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2 Responses to A Rough Road to Aurangabad

  1. Joe Trudo says:

    “….get on the bus, forget about us!” Have heard that train travel in India was not quite up to German Rail standards. Back in 1996 I was in Cheni (Madras), for a ferry flight fuel stop and in the morning when we went to the airport at dawn people were lined up for hundreds of meters outside the domestic terminal. On the wall there was posted lists that I was told were the passenger lists for flights that day. Seems that for the correct bribe you could bump someone off today’s flight and that person might end up stuck at the airport for a few hours or days until a seat came available that matched the fare paid. I do not have verification of this statement but appeared something was strange that so, so many common folk would be lined up at 6AM!!

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