Munich to Mumbai

That was quite  a leap. We left the grey and chill air behind us and woke up in another world. It’s warm, not too warm, colorful goes without saying and we have just enough energy left after the long trip for an evening stroll along Marine Drive. This isn’t the Isar, it’s the Arabian Sea.

And this isn’t Bangkok, either, the Asian city I am most familiar with. The traffic is crazy, but it’s not as dense as in Bangkok, and in our part of town it’s quieter, there is more space on the sidewalks, and what I really like is there aren’t tourists all over the place. We know this city is dirty, stinky, over-populated, unbearably hot and humid — because we’ve read it. But it hasn’t been our experience so far.

Marine Drive, Mumbai, a favorite place for evening walks and courting

More pictures in my gallery.

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5 Responses to Munich to Mumbai

  1. Joe Trudo says:

    Suzanne, your gallery (of photos) link will not load. get error message. Enjoy India and I assume there will be some great pictures!!

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for pointing out the bad link. I fixed it.
      Not much opportunity to go online on this trip, but I appreciate your keeping up with our travels and following my blog.
      Hope to get more pix up soon.

      • Joe Trudo says:

        Now I can enjoy your photographic delights. Especially liked the ironwork in the Victoria Terminus. Believe that is the main train station?

  2. gwen gibson says:

    Ah, there you are. I’m ready for the adventure.

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