Free Associating with Hydrangea

On a winter walk through Munich’s Botanical Garden, I came across dried hydrangea blossoms with their lovely parchment-like petals and skeletal veins. I was intrigued by these miniature miracles of nature and took some pictures.

Since I didn’t have much of an idea for a blog on the subject of dried blossoms, I free associated and googled, hoping to find a tidbit that would spark my imagination — hydrangea  stranger  skeleton  skeletal.

What I found – thanks to Google – was that there was nothing at all original about anything I came up with. There are already plenty of pictures and blogs on the skeleton blossoms of the hydrangea and hydrangea-stranger is also an obvious alliteration. I think I’ll leave it at that.

Here’s my picture.

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One Response to Free Associating with Hydrangea

  1. gwen gibson says:

    Did fairy wing come up on Google? What a beautiful photo and I love the snow flakes. I didn’t know until just now that my cursor can change the angle of their descent.

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