Can Snow Be Pink?

I was out with my camera at dusk. There was a thin blanket of snow on the grass and dead leaves, everywhere else it had already melted. I’ve recently become more aware of the color of light and was curious what light at dusk with snow on the ground was going to produce. My camera’s white balance was set on auto.

When I got home and looked at my pictures, I saw they had captured the warm evening light. But the snow was pink, too. I was able to process the pictures and get the snow white again. But then I felt the atmosphere of the evening was gone.

Here are two pictures for comparison. I guess the white snow makes the better pictures but I hated to give up the warm evening glow.

All my attempts at finding something in between, a compromise, left me dissatisfied on some score.

If you go to my gallery, you can see the pictures at full resolution (better quality).

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