Refuge in Antiquity

On our walk yesterday, a chilly and grey Sunday morning, we passed by Munich’s Glyptothek. This museum houses a fine collection of Greek and Roman sculptures dating from the archaic age (ca. 650 BC) to the Roman era (ca. 550 AD). It seemed like a nice idea to warm up and get a little culture at the same time, so we went in. Although we have visited the Glyptothek frequently, we were again taken by surprise by the beauty and perfection of the sculptures.

When Ludwig I created this museum, he envisioned a kind of German Athens, a monument to Ancient Greece.However, a look out the window told us all too clearly that we were not in Greece. It had started to snow.

I have many more pictures from the museum in this gallery.

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One Response to Refuge in Antiquity

  1. Laura Roberts says:

    I had to have another look at the museum window, just to watch it snow. That’s a really cool feature!

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