A Light Tent

When you camp on bicycle tours, the most important thing is a light tent. But this time I’m not talking about camping and cycling. A light tent comes in handy for photography, too. However, it’s not the kind of tent you can sleep in and although it doesn’t weigh much, that’s not why it’s called light. Here it’s light as in lightbulb.

The weather hasn’t been inviting for taking pictures outside so I was looking for an indoor project with my camera. I decided to make a light tent. You take a cardboard box and cut out two adjacent sides and the top, leaving enough of the frame so the box doesn’t collapse. Then the openings are covered with a translucent fabric or tracing paper. This way when you shine a light through the fabric into the box , you get a nice diffused light. It’s perfect for taking pictures of small objects or still lifes — whatever your phantasy comes up with.

There are more pictures from my light tent in my gallery.

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2 Responses to A Light Tent

  1. Laura Roberts says:

    Looks like you’re eating healthy! Great lighting and perfect DOF on this. I’d love to see a picture of your light tent.

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