At Our Doorstep

Some people travel half way around the world, sometimes just for four days, looking for picture-taking opportunities in Europe – Warsaw, Venice, Lyon, the list is long. I was thinking: And we live in Europe and limit ourselves to Munich for most of the year?

With this in mind, we decided spontaneously to take the two-hour train ride across the German-Austrian border to Salzburg. The sun was shining and we congratulated ourselves on being so flexible. With our cameras in our bacpacks, we were ready to leave within 30 minutes and were aboard the 10:46 train as it pulled out of the station.

The sun was shining … The sun was shining in Munich would be more accurate. The train rolled over the countryside and the Alps came into sight, and then they were out of sight. They had disappeared in a dense fog. Heavy, low-lying clouds also hovered over Salzburg when we arrived.

Walking from Salzburg’s train station, our first stop was at the Mirabell Palace Gardens and Park. The flowers were gone and a late fall atmosphere pervaded. Sun or no sun, we were quick to set up our tripods for some pictures.

A few more pictures are in my gallery.

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