The Color of Light

This is week six of my photo course, and as always we got a new lesson and assignment on Friday. This week it’s all about the color of light at different times of day. The assignment was to take some pictures at the same place shortly after sunrise and at midday. I was awake early so it was no problem to get out for a few shots during the first 30 minutes after the sun came up, today at 7:14, and then go back a couple of hours later to capture the same scene.

I went to a playground nearby. Of course it was empty on Saturday morning at 7 a.m., but even later when I went back for my second round of shots there was no one there playing except me, with my camera.

This picture was taken at noon when the sun had finally burned off the morning fog.

This exercise was intended to show how much warmer the light within 30 minutes of sunrise is. However, it was such a grey day that my pictures weren’t very convincing.

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