Trial and Error

I’m writing about my fun with the camera again. My photo course assignment this week was a flowers-in-the-rain shot, requiring backlight and a slow shutter speed. The only thing I already had was a slow shutter speed, and I wasn’t at all sure how I was going to get the rain and backlight at the same time. Obviously, this shot is the kind that has to be staged. So instead of flowers I used carrots, instead of rain, I poured water through a sieve over my kitchen sink and I used a reading lamp for the backlight. With my camera on a tripod and its timer set at 10 seconds, I fired off lots of pictures while I poured water. It wasn’t so easy to get the light just right and frame the carrots without the sink showing, but after many attempts I had a picture of rain for my week’s assignment. Click here if you want to see the picture I chose to upload for my assignment.

Much Trial and Many Errors

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2 Responses to Trial and Error

  1. Joe T says:

    Elmer Fud would remark: crazy wabbit! Carrot day!

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