Waiting in Munich

If in the past bicycle tours were my favorite subject for blogging, now it seems I’ve switched the topic to photography. At least until spring comes – Janos and I are already studying the map for our next tour. While we are waiting, photography will be a good substitute for the colder months.

Since I am immersed in the subject, my blog will naturally be about my recent forays with the camera. This outing was to Munich’s Central Train Station with the intention of “implying motion” by contrasting what is stationary and sharp with moving, blurred elements.

Waiting (f/10, 1.3 s, 100 ISO, 55mm focal length)

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2 Responses to Waiting in Munich

  1. Laura Roberts says:

    PS And I really think you’re doing a marvelous job with the banner pictures. They’re always so appropriate for the blog subject. Loved the sheep.

  2. Laura Roberts says:

    I left a message earlier, but don’t see it…now what did I say? Something that meant this is a fantastic use of your latest lesson. It’s my favorite out of the ones you’ve posted for showing movement.

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