Basics and Creativity

I signed up for an online photography course that has me completely fired up about picture-taking. When a new lesson comes out, before going to sleep I lie in bed  trying to figure out where will I find the setting or theme for the week’s assignment.

Now in the fifth lesson, after working on the basics of using manual settings for creatively correct exposures and sharp images,  we are challenged to deliberately create blurry and out-of-focus shots. At a slow shutter speed, you can jiggle your camera, make sweeping or spiral movements with it,  zoom – whatever works.

When I first read the lesson, my reaction was – that’s not for me, I’ll be happy with good sharp images, thank you. But when I woke up this morning and saw we had a lovely red sky, I knew I wanted to capture it somehow. I also knew the morning sky would be a pale  grey within ten minutes. My only choice was to shoot from my balcony. The view from my balcony isn’t anything I would normally take a picture of, by the way.

This was my chance to try out some of the new techniques of lesson 5. Was that ever fun! I have done no post-processing on this shot, it’s straight out of the camera. A few more shots are in my gallery which will open if you click this picture.

Zooming In (Click image for gallery.)

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2 Responses to Basics and Creativity

  1. Joe T says:

    Suzanne, as always I enjoy your pictures and commentary. Photo class seems like fun. Where can I find info. Then all I will need is camera/lens/brain that can “think” properly for picture taking.

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