Summer Cycle Tour: Days 37 – 45, Dresden to Munich

Are We There Yet?

The last leg of our journey was the hardest to plan. We had no vision, no place was calling to us ‘come, come, there is more to see here’. We were already fairly well sated with impressions. When our camera memory cards are full we can buy new ones, but what do you do when your head is full? But we said we wanted to cycle back to our front door and with that in mind we decided to follow the Elbe, again a river bike path, to Prague. Once in Prague we would plan the rest.

The first day to the Czech border and beyond, we followed the Elbe as it made its way between hills. Castles and fortresses  looked down from above and we congratulated ourselves on our decision to ride this lovely bike path. From Děčín, where we spent a day sitting out the rain, we rode to Theresienstadt/Terezín, a place with a tragic past. Also its present rundown state wasn’t very cheerful.

We were beginning to feel the kilometers, the weather was fickle, the roads were sometimes good, sometimes dreadful and our frustration tolerance was sinking. We reached Prague on a hot and sunny afternoon. It was a national holiday and our attempts at obtaining maps to prepare the rest of our trip were unsuccessful. At this point, we neither felt like staying the night in Prague nor were we inclined to find our way out of a city not suited for cycling. The answer to our plight was the train station. We got tickets to Eger/Cheb, near the German border, and four hours later had a room in a quiet hotel which we knew from our trip two years ago.

The next morning we were on Bavarian soil and elated to be so close to home.  Here we experienced some of the most tiring days of the trips but we were cycling through familiar territory and loving it. The closer we got, the more impatient we became. The final day the kilometers whizzed by and finally it somehow felt very unreal to ride up to our front door.

We made it, the complete loop, Munich to Munich by bike.

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p.s. A day to day journal of the tour is here.

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8 Responses to Summer Cycle Tour: Days 37 – 45, Dresden to Munich

  1. Laura Roberts says:

    Sending greetings on a cold and rainy day from Whitehorse, Yukon. Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photographs. Is there a way to see what settings you were using like there is in Smug? Looks like you adapted to the new camera quite quickly. Here’s to your next adventure…sure you are already rolling things over in your mind!

    • Thanks, Laura.
      I don’t think there is any way to see the camera settings here, but sooner or later I’ll have these and more pictures in a smugmug album. The next adventure might be a week in August, a trip we had already planned but not done, the König-Ludwig Bike Path.
      Hope the weather has improved in the Yukon!

  2. Ellen Bandsma says:

    Hi, Suzanne! I was thinking about you today and wondering what your summer bike plans were, then remembered that you now post on this blog instead of CGOAB. So I’ve read about your beautiful ride and once again been envious of your ability to cycle away from your front door into enchantment. It’s like Alice falling through the rabbit hole! (Well, without the menacing characters, of course.) Love your writing, as always, and beautiful photos as well. We are contemplating a tour of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York this fall. Our bike ride in France was much too short to last for long before we get antsy for the open road again. Actually, we seem to be in a permanently antsy state any time we’re home! Cheers, Ellen

    • Hi Ellen,
      Glad you found me! I checked cgoab and saw that you were already back from yur bike ride in France, just didn’t get a chance to post a comment yet. Will do so soon.

  3. Janet says:

    Hi Suzanne…. I have really enjoyed purusing your blog & following you on your journey via your journal & your beautiful photos, such an excellent blog – lots of inspiration here & I will be back often!
    And thank you so much for the kind & thoughtful comment you left on my beginner’s blog, I really do appreciate it… :-))

  4. Kayleen says:

    Welcome home Suzanne and Janos…we have enjoyed the journal and the photos. All of which made us eager to return.


    kayleen and Rob

    • Thanks for looking in. Yes, we’re back. Glad you enjoyed the journal and photos. I still intend to write a proper day-by-day journal for cgoab or Neil’s other travel site – but who knows when!

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