Summer Cycle Tour: Days 17 – 29, Bremen to Usedom

West to East

We left the river valleys and southern Germany as our route took us into a more northern atmosphere, on to the coast and eventually the border to Poland. The sound of the language changed and the people used different words for hello and good-bye. Although still in Germany, we felt very far from home and in foreign surroundings. The farther east we got, the more cheese, cold meats and sausage appeared on the breakfast table. We, as well as our bicycles, survived the cobblestoned streets in eastern Germany, many of which are protected as cultural heritage. They are lovely to look at, but impossible to ride a bicycle on. It was hard to get enough of the Baltic Sea, but eventually we were happy to say good-bye to the ocean resorts clogged with tourists. At the German-Polish border we decided to cycle along the Oder-Neisse bike path and continue our journey to the south. We were on our way back to Munich, but we still had a long way to go.

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p.s. A day to day journal of the tour is here.

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1 Response to Summer Cycle Tour: Days 17 – 29, Bremen to Usedom

  1. Gwen Gibson says:

    HI Suzy, I think I just left my comment in the wrong box. I love the pictures as always. Janos looks great! I wish I had a picture of you though. I’m looking forward to your blog. Happy trails.

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