Time to say good-bye

If I could just eliminate the last four or five days before a  bicycle trip.  I’m nervous, full of irrational fears of what could happen on the road, anxious about leaving home and family. And it seems to be getting worse the older I get. Short trips are okay, I had no problems getting ready for the spontaneous six-day ride from Passau to Vienna. I didn’t fret over what to pack, if it was too much or too little, I knew I could return at the drop of a hat if I wanted to.

Again, I find myself procrastinating about what to pack and prefer busying myself with any project that isn’t related to the trip. Well, this blog is related to the trip and I have almost finished packing. But today is Departure Day! Should I be writing a blog instead of getting the apartment ready to be locked up for a longer period of time? I have one consolation — as soon as we get on the road I stop worrying immediately. I know this from experience.

We’ve planned a bicycle trip, a long bicycle trip, we don’t know exactly how long. It will depend on how long we can take sleeping in a tent or beds not our own, how long we will be able to stomach my camping cuisine or restaurant food. It will depend on the weather, our health and when we are overcome by the desire to see family and familiar faces.

We will cycle from the front door, our favorite starting mode, and head north to visit friends in Kassel. If all goes to plan we will continue north to the Baltic and east towards the Polish border. That is the end of the concrete planning. For the rest of the trip we have ideas, not really plans. Ideally, we would love it if we could ride a complete loop and return to Munich by bike.

Stay tuned!

p.s. A day to day journal of the tour is here.

Panniers are packed -- we're ready to roll.

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3 Responses to Time to say good-bye

  1. Joe Trudo says:

    Janos & Suzanne,

    Bon Voyage!

    I think most all cycle tourist suffer from pre-departure jitters. And I agree it gets worse! I will be looking forward to your updates from the road.

    I still do not have plans but would love to spend 6 weeks or so in Europe and maybe start from Wien since I have niece studying there and it would be grand to visit with her.

    Again enjoy.


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