A Tourist in Egypt

Our booked trip to Egypt coincided with the beginning of the present political turmoil. When we set out for Luxor, the first mild street protests were taking place to the north in Cairo. While we were in Egypt, we saw no tv and read no newspapers and the news that the situation was escalating didn’t reach us by word-of-mouth, either. What we experienced on our seven-day Nile cruise was a delightful view of temples of Ancient Egypt and colorful and lively market and street scenes of Egypt today.

This was our first go at an organized tour. We are more or less dyed-in-the-wool bicycle tourists, planning our routes ourselves to suit our interests and speed (or slowness). Janos and I have been cycling together for ten years and our tours range from forays into China and Southeast Asia to undertakings in the more familiar terrain of Central Europe.

Just one last remark on cycling. You can bicycle in Egypt, that is one can. We can’t, that I’m sure of. The best way to see a country might be by bike, but without the necessary stamina and dauntlessness (youth?), Egypt wouldn’t be a good idea.

Yes, this was a Nile cruise. I never identified with people who take cruises and I never wanted to be led around in a tour group. Call it snobbery, call it prejudice if you like. However, the experiment turned out to be a complete success. One prejudice less to take to the grave.

Even if we were without our bicycles, we could still indulge our other passion, photography.  Which leads me to where this blog is heading – my pictures. On my photo site, I have posted my pictures. Click on the image below to get to a gallery of selected pictures. From there you can navigate to the individual galleries for more pictures, with captions, if you wish.



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6 Responses to A Tourist in Egypt

  1. Wonderful pics- so glad you are safe. Hope to see you this summer? Dayle

  2. gwen gibson says:

    This is so good, I’ll be sharing it.

  3. david alston says:

    Suzanne and Janos,

    Just a word to let you know we are glad you are safe, we thought about you when the turmoil started. And we are happy to hear you enjoyed the trip.

    Warmest greetings,
    David and Maun

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