In My Prime

It’s the first day of the New Year, a day that makes the passage of time even harder to ignore than most days of the year. Whether your spotlight is on the future or your thoughts dwell on the past, the stroke of twelve seems to say something has ended, something new is starting.

Of course I was wondering what will be new and promising for me in the coming year. I’m no longer in my prime, not in the usual sense anyway, and the years seem to be passing more swiftly these days. I say not in the usual sense – does that imply that I am in my prime, if not physically, then perhaps mentally? That’s probably not the case either.

We have now entered the year 2011, only divisible by itself or 1, a prime number, a prime year! Not only that. On my birthday I will turn the 20th-prime-number years old. To make things even more propitious, on his birthday my husband will also reach a prime.

You might say we are in our prime now. Now? It’s like marking a place on a flowing river and saying here. As if we could make a mark on the flow of time by saying now.

Trying to get a grasp on time

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3 Responses to In My Prime

  1. gwen gibson says:

    A numerologist told me that 2011 would not be a good year to launch new plans for me and I have a bagful just waiting to be released. I think that any system of definition of who you are and where your are in the space-time continuum is, as grandma would say, “nonsense”.

  2. Thanks to you, David, for being a reader!

  3. david alston says:

    Okay, Suzanne, you now have a reader. Actually you already had one, as I have mentioned before, everytime I even start to think about a bike trip I first go your journals. And not being very adept with the computer, I always end up on your home page so I have read your biography about ten times. Quite carefully, actually, I noticed the mention of wordpress and immediately went to your site. Something about the number 27. In anycase it gave me the idea of writing without the constraints of a daily journal and I am very glad I saw it.

    Now I have written something, nothing new to you but discipline for me. But you know what? I forgot a picture. I will do that tomorrow. It will give me something to do, I don’t dare go out in the cold, Maun is working the first part of the week and I am limited to reading and breathing excercises. I will be glad to go back to work next week. Thanks again,


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