Munich’s Olympic Wonderland

Carpe Diem

It isn’t that long ago that people were out flying their kites in the Olympic park on a sunny week-end. Now kites are passé and jogging in the snow, cycling in the snow and sleigh riding are in. In this weather I prefer a walk in the park to cycling. If I rode my bike I would most likely end up taking a ride on my derriere. The sun is shining, though, and I treasure these bright days, especially now when the shortest day and longest night of the year are almost upon us.

The tail of a kite hanging in the tree reminded me of autumn days, just two weeks ago.

Same place on a November afternoon

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2 Responses to Munich’s Olympic Wonderland

  1. Joe says:

    Believe it or not I was at the Olympic Park one week prior to the start of the ’72 Games. It was so fun and joyous just prior to start and to have the 72 games marred by such a tragic event only about 10 days following my departure.

    I was in Munich as part of the crew of a business jet. Was a great visit.

    As always enjoy your photography!


    • How interesting that you knew the Olympic Park back in 1972. It must have been exciting to be in Munich while they were getting ready for the games (I wasn’t in Munich that year) and what a shock the “Munich massacre” was.
      Glad you like my pics.


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