A City Cycle

Outing to Augsburg

A gorgeous, balmy Munich Sunday in the middle of November, too good not to get on our bikes and go somewhere. The usual close-to-home destinations Schleißheim or Pasing or Würmtal just aren’t interesting enough. Been there, done that – more times than you can count. We spontaneously decided a short train ride (40 minutes) to Augsburg – with our bikes – would fill the bill.

Waiting for the train with our folders in the Munich train station - and there's no charge for bikes with 20 " wheels.

We travel with a Bayern-Ticket, valid for up to 5 passengers all day long on all local and regional trains, for 28€.

You know how it is, things that are close by you don’t bother to look at, but you travel half way around the globe to see towns enhanced by distance. Time to sightsee in near-by Augsburg. As with almost all noteworthy German cities, the old town was destroyed in WWII and the few remaining or reconstructed historical buildings hardly manage to give you an idea of Augsburg’s atmosphere previous to the war.

We had our bikes with us and could comfortably cycle around town to the main sights.

The square in front of the town hall is already occupied by stands for the Christmas market.

Part of the Christmas decorations: a giant candle holder

After a few pictures, I saw I needed a fresh battery and I always have a replacement with me. I ransacked my bag several times but with no success. I decided I must have left the second battery at home.  Not being able to take pictures was frustrating but I could only blame my own forgetfulness and tried not to lament too much. Late in the afternoon, I discovered the battery hiding in a little pocket in my bag. I didn’t remember putting it there but was happy to find it for a few photos at the end of the day. However, I was sorry to miss getting pictures of Augsburg’s Fuggerei, an interesting social housing project initiated in the 16th century by Jakob Fugger.

Augsburg's Dom

In the train on the way home Janos reads up on the Fuggerei.

End-of-the-day scrutinizing of pictures

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