Heads Up – Falling Stones!

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“Parallels Intersect in the Universe”

Exhibition by
Caduta Sassi and friends
in Galerie der Künstler, Maximilianstrasse 42, 80538 Munich
From Ocotber 30 to November 19, 2010
Open Wednesday, Friday to Sunday 11 – 6 / Thursday 11 – 8
Closed on holidays

Caduta Sassi has its origins in a group of young, energetic performance artists in Munich who came together in 1991 and opened a gallery (first on Blütenstrasse, later on Schulstrasse, now on Schwanthalerstrasse) where they could develop and realize their concepts. Almost 20 years and 200 exhibitions later, you can see in Parallelen schneiden sich im Universumor “Parallels Intersect in the Universe” in the Galerie der Künstler, that they are still productive and full of energy.  The current exhibition shows seven individual exhibits or spaces where always two of the artists are in dialogue with each other, thus illustrating their concept that the exchange between artists nurtures their independent development. In this space or universe their work runs parallel and at the same time they meet.

I have known most of the artists for at least 20 years, starting from the time they were students at Munich’s Kunstakademie – the one or the other even longer. At the opening of “Parallels Intersect in the Universe” I found it exciting to see their development over the years.  What really impressed me was to see how these artists sustained their commitment to their work as they moved on from the freewheeling lives of art students to the demanding world of family and jobs which doesn’t always leave a lot of time for much else. But perhaps these are also parallels that meet in the universe.

Here are a few random impressions from the opening – but even better visit the exhibition yourself.

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2 Responses to Heads Up – Falling Stones!

  1. Laura sent me your blog and smug site address – I’m enjoying looking over your shoulder.

    I love the last photo in this post. Somehow the image makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.

    • Thank you so much for visiting my site, Denise. The picture you commented is of an installation by the Munich artist Ulrike Kaiser. I, too, thought the little girl dancing in between the giant bowls gave the installation a fairy-tale like quality.
      By the way, the man in the first picture is my son standing in front of his section of the exhibition.

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