Off Season

And the lucky number is ….. 27!

Now, who believes in lucky numbers and numerology? Not me. But I have a lucky number anyway. I collect number 27 so I consider myself lucky when I discover one more for my collection. That’s what collecting is all about – finding more. I am no longer sure if it’s the number 27 itself that is lucky or if I’m just lucky to find 27. I think there is some kind of circular reasoning going on here that I don’t quite understand. By the way, collecting number 27 isn’t an expensive hobby, I can do it anywhere and the collection doesn’t take up a lot of space in a small apartment. If it were otherwise, finding 27 wouldn’t be lucky at all.

Today I found Number 27 in Munich’s Botanical Garden. Since there are no more flowers blossoming at the end of October, it’s officially off-season. No entrance fee will be charged for the grounds until spring. Which doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to see – just no flowers, except for a few wilted diehards resisting the change of season. During the off-season the Botanical Garden only charges an entrance fee for its hothouse – where you stifle in the heat and humidity if you go in wearing your winter coat. I prefer walking outside where I can enjoy a nice mixture of garden landscapes with statues, paths, bridges and ponds and then views that make me feel I am far away from the city.

Botanical gardens are places of method and order: Each botanical specimen is classified and has its Latin and German name on a tag as well as its country of origin. This would all end in great chaos if there were no system for finding the painstakingly labeled plants. That’s where number 27 comes in. The four corners of each path intersection are numbered which I imagine is part of a system for locating the many varieties of flowers, bushes and shrubs. Quite by chance I happened to see number 25 and it didn’t take long for me to discover number 27.

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2 Responses to Off Season

  1. suzson says:

    Thanks for your encouraging comment, Laura! I like that word “bokeh”. Had to look it up in Google though. :/

  2. Laura Roberts says:

    Lovely pictures…sharp, some with great bokeh, interesting view points, great colors. Bravo!

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