Etsch Tour: Day 1, Munich to Nauders

I Don’t Feel Like Going Anywhere

Saturday September 25

The day to leave finally rolled around and the weather was horrid. When we woke up it was pouring and it was still pouring when we rode our bikes to the station for the train leaving at 10:30. I didn’t feel like going anywhere.

Two voices in my head. One was saying: Carry through with your plans, don’t hang around home, get out, get going, you don’t have a lot of years left, you’ll feel like a failure if you let a little rain discourage you. And the other voice: Easy does it, if you have bad weather, stay home for god’s sake, what are you trying to prove, you can’t make a good bicycle tour just happen.

Since we had already reserved a hotel room in Landeck for the first night, the debate was  hypothetical. But I was still wondering if we weren’t nuts to set out in this weather.

We changed trains in Innsbruck and when we arrived in Landeck it had stopped raining. The mountains of the Inn Valley were only partially visible, the snow-capped peaks blended with the white of the low lying clouds.

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2 Responses to Etsch Tour: Day 1, Munich to Nauders

  1. Joe (C2Cin2006) says:

    Landeck to Nauders, or in case Lauders to Landeck was traveled not on the main and more direct highway with all the tunnels (the Italians and Austrians must be part mole with all the rail and highway tunnels they build) but from Nauders down a multiple switchback route to the village Martina right on the Austrian-Swiss border and only about 2 km from the point where Austria/Switzerland and Italy all meet. Ride down to Inn River from Nauders was a hoot with loss of about 1000 meters over 4km. Stopped several times to cool rims from braking. Road along River Inn to Pfunds had 2 short and level tunnels but not too too bad. (Don’t you just love the noise of approaching trucks from behind when in tunnels? NOT!) I suspect the bus from Landeck climbed the more direct route through the long tunnels. Fellow in Naunders Tourist Information Office told me to NOT go north via the direct route. He was well informed.
    Fellow at campingplatz near Pfunds told me that the bus from Landeck with bike trailer goes down on Italian side of pass maybe to Malles? I do believe that if I had to go from Landeck to nauders I would be very tempted to use the bus with bike trailer.

    • suzson says:

      We saw the road with the switchbacks on the map so I know theoretically what the route looks like. Must have been fun – if you had good brakes!

      By the way, you may have noticed I managed to find my deleted page and republished it. But wasted another chunk of time at the computer doing so.

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