Etsch Tour: Intro

When It’s Good, It’s Very Very Good

Saturday September 18

The last tour of the season – that is if the weather cooperates. We hope to be underway in a week from today. However, the end of September isn’t a dependable time of year for touring. Like the little girl with a little curl: When it’s good, it’s very very good , but when it’s bad, it’s horrid. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The plan is as simple as it is elegant. We take the train from Munich to Landeck in Austria, a four and a half hour ride. From there it is a short bus ride to Nauders at the top of the Reschen Pass. That saves riding in unpleasant traffic, not to mention a hefty climb! From there we head south and it’s downhill (almost) all the way. South Tyrol, here we come for your mountain views, colors of  autumn, new wine, fresh chestnuts …

We’ll be riding our excellent Bike Fridays, custom-made folders, and will try to keep our panniers as light as possible. This time no tent, no sleeping-bags, no pots and no cooker. I’m hoping with a lighter load than on our summer trip we’ll be feeling ten years younger – at least.

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