Nostalgic Oktoberfest

So many Oktoberfests: Our first taste of the Oktoberfest this year had an oriental flavor, the second time around it was pure Bavarian and today we went to the historic Oktoberfest. Last time I didn’t even notice that part of the  the Theresienwiese was roped off. It wasn’t unti the next day that I found out that a section of the fair grounds was dedicated to celebrating the beer festival’s 200th anniversary.

Since we had yet another perfect September day, we got on our bikes and cycled to the Theresienwiese for a look at the museum version: vintage posters; an old merry-go-round and puppet theater; a tent with exhibits from the Stadtmuseum; the velodrom where people used to have a hilarious time riding bicycles in circles; they even had historic beer.

It didn’t seem that too much has changed. The posters advertising the Oktoberfest were definitely from another era, but the merry-go-round and the Kasperl Theater (a kind of Punch and Judy show) weren’t much different from what was on the other side of the fence. Today’s Oktoberfest is intentionally a nostalgic production – which is part of its charm.

Except for the prices:  They have changed and are not charming. It costs a small fortune for a family with children to spend the afternoon there.

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One Response to Nostalgic Oktoberfest

  1. Joe says:

    Read your entries about Oktoberfest and it made me think of my first visit to Munich. 1972 and the week before the start of the Olympics. It was such great fun and I also witnessed my first $100 hotel room rate as part of the run up to the Olympics. (We were not staying in a pension.)

    Returned home and of course the next week all hell broke loose as we watched in horror on TV.

    I am not stalking you since you put this blog address on the cgoab website I just gravitated here.

    Hope you do get to bike down to Bolzano from the Reisa Pass this autum. It is a grand journey. If you do I hope you think of me working my way up from the south and flying down to the north!

    Best regards,


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