Cheerful to the Graves

Today I went out for the first time since I came down with this grip or flu or whatever it is that has kept me lying low all week. Janos and I took a short walk to the prettiest bit of green in our neighborhood, Munich’s Alter Nördlicher Friedhof or Old North Cemetery.

You might think it’s not such a good idea, especially when you’re not in the best of health, to wander in between graves, reminders of death all around you. A graveyard is indeed a reminder of  how transient it all is, our worries and joys, the highs and the lows of life. But my infection isn’t serious enough to put me in a moribund frame of mind.

Momento Mori

Actually, I don’t find this cemetery at all depressing.  It’s a cheerful green park with many benches and a toddlers’ sandbox at one end. While joggers make their rounds, you see octogenarians pushing their walkers and students ensconced on quiet patches of grass where they can daydream or catch up on their assignments.

More cheery than creepy

No one has been buried in the Old North Cemetery since 1939 and the grave stones and statues are in varying states of decay, everything is transient, even the reminders.

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