New Wine or Old Chestnuts

And the days pass. It is two days before the proposed start of our bike tour and I am neither well enough to leave the day after tomorrow nor do we know where we would go if the trip were to take place. But being sick at home gives me plenty of time to get new ideas.

I think I have come up with the best one yet: Not the Isar, the Danube or the Inn – the Adige bike path or in German Etschtal-Radweg. You can start at the top of the Reschen Pass if you don’t want to cycle up. There are three buses a day with bicycle trailer to get you there.

Most of the route goes through South Tirol in Italy, and if we are lucky we might just have a proverbial golden October. The coming week is definitely out for our tour and the rest of September is booked with other commitments. Yes, October it shall be and South Tirol where it will be the right time for törggelen, which means tasting new wine and eating roasted chestnuts, while we pedal through wine-growing country.

It is even more likely that it will rain in October which means we will be drinking our wine at home and not cycling. Old chestnuts.

Maybe we'll end up just taking a short ride along the Isar - an old chestnut.

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