Why Blog?

Not an original question. But really, why? I haven’t done a search on how many posts there are on this question. It might give me some insight, but it might also give me the feeling that I have nothing new to say.

That’s the point. Does it make any difference if I have anything new to say? I am not terribly interested if a lot of people or no one reads my blog. It’s for me. But since it’s public it’s not quite the same as writing my personal thoughts in my handwritten journal. So it is, consciously or unconsciously, not just for me.  And am I being honest when I say I don’t care if anyone reads what I write?

Back to the start – why blog? And why blog on wordpress? I have written up many of  my bicycle tours on another site (after clicking, you’ll have to scroll down to see a list of the  tours) which is just for bicycle tourists . It’s all about cycling and a fantastic site with thousands of journals about all kinds of bicycle tours all over the world. I “know” people there and it’s like I’m in my hometown. When you go out, there is always someone to say hello to and exchange a few words with. I like that. But it’s limited to bicycle touring.

In wordpress I feel more like I’m in Hong Kong. I don’t know anyone here. It’s a bewildering maze where I don’t know how to find things. It feels very anonymous and I like that, too.  And I’m not limited to writing  only about my bicycle tours.

So I guess I’ll blog if I feel the urge to record what’s going on in my life.  Or want to avoid doing something else.

What do I like about wordpress? Just a real nice choice of layouts, better than my handwritten journals and better than saving my journals on word files. So I’ll blog and not complicate the issue by needing justifications. I blog, you blog, we all blog …

Isn't a hand-written journal good enough?

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