Isar, Danube or Inn?

Decisions, decisions. We have planned a bike trip between September 4 – 11 but can’t decide where. How to choose between so many inviting cycle paths?

The Isar is close to home which means we could cycle from the front door, a real plus point.  However,  the beginning of the path out of Munich is just a trifle boring and we have ridden it so often. Too close to home.

The Danube Bike Path is certainly the path most traveled, but for good reason.  It has a lot to offer.  But such an unoriginal idea. We can do that when we’re 80 (maybe).

And the Inn? The approach to its source in Swiss Engadin involves a longer train ride and bus transfer.  The scenery and villages will be a photographer’s paradise, but – and there is always a but – the bike path is a little more demanding than either the Isar or the Danube. Would we be up to it?

Hope the tour, any tour, comes to fruition at all since I have just come down with a virus infecton, six days before the start.

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