Focusing on a Fountain

Turn off  the computer, get out of the apartment, be active. Okay, okay, I’ll stop nagging myself and just do it. Janos and I grab our cameras and get on our bikes. How about doing  a photo series on Munich’s many fountains. Hmm, yes, but there are many many fountains in Munich. We could narrow it down to the fountains at the fruit and vegetable market, the Viktualienmarkt. I think there are five altogether, that should make a nice theme: The Viktualienmarkt and its Fountains.

We have an encouraging warm and sunny day for our project and on our way to the Viktualienmarkt we cycle past the central buildings of  Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität, Munich’s University. Stop! We’re not at the market yet but here are two fountains, twin fountains on either side of the boulevard. As long as we’re here and the sun is shining we might as well start here. Snap, snap, snap. I take lots of pictures and I realize I never really took time to  look at these fountains before although I’ve gone past them hundreds of times.

Eventually we get to the fruit and vegetable market, packed with tourists milling about the vegetable vendors and people out for lunch. We find four of the five fountains but not the atmosphere for the pictures I had in mind. The first photo session at the university was enough. We’ll save the market’s fountains for a quiet Sunday.

Fountain Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität, Ludwigskirche

Looking from the Ludwig-Maximilian University to the Ludwigskirche



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