A Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride

It’s a hot summer day, hotter than I expect at the end of August. We are already into the summer-almost-over and smell-the-autumn-air mood. But today there is nothing to remind us that summer is much too short.

We cycle out of Munich along the Isar to the north. Not for the first time, we’ve taken this route often. Still I forgot that the path along the right bank has a stretch of deep, loose gravel, unpleasant on our bikes. Next time I’ll remember.

After we leave the Isar, we bumble around a bit, that is to say we get lost .  We want the road to Schloss Schleissheim and its inviting beer garden but construction sites and new roads are making it difficult to find our way and the autobahn has intercepted older and more direct paths.

We’re relieved to see that the beer garden is not as crowded as you might expect on a beautiful Sunday. We find a table in the shade and there are just enough people to provide a subdued background buzz of voices and cheery clinking of beer glasses.

Another 15 km and we’re back where we started, altogether 45 km, an easy ride, flat, no panniers to weigh us down, good weather. And still we’re tired when we get home. What’s wrong here? Getting old faster than I can accept? Or do these all too familiar bike paths feel tedious because we’ve travelled them so often?

New vesion of wayside crosses


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